"Rafael American Frances Tiafoe stuns Nadal to make US Open quarterfinals 2022 NEW YORK - - France".

Tiafoe's vision was hazy from the tears. He was excited -overpowered, even -  when the last point was finished and it hit him that, indeed, he had finished Rafael Nadal's 22-match  Grand Slam series. 

wins on Monday and arrived at the US Open quarterfinals interestingly. "I felt like the world halted," Tiafoe said. "I was unable to hear anything briefly." Then Tiafoe tracked down himself "losing it

in the storage space" when he saw that NBA hotshot LeBron James gave him a Twitter whoop. "Brother," Tiafoe said, "I was going off the deep end."What implied the most to Tiafoe about his 6-4, 4-6, 6-4

6-3 triumph over No. 2 seed Nadal in the fourth, round at Flushing Meadows, however, was looking into his Arthur Ashe Stadium visitor box and knowing his folks, Constant and Alpina, were there to see.

them experience me beat Rafa Nadal - - they've seen me have enormous successes, however, to beat those Mount Rushmore folks?" said Tiafoe, a 24-year-old American player cultivated 22nd at the US Open.

"As far as they might be concerned, I can't envision what was going through their heads. Well, they will recall today until the end of their lives."His folks emigrated to the United States from Sierra

Leone in West Africa in the midst of its respectful conflict during the 1990s. They wound up in Maryland, where Constant aided develop tennis preparing a place for youngsters then at that point turned

into a groundskeeper there. Alpina, Tiafoe said, was "a medical caretaker, maintaining two sources of income, staying at work longer than required as the nights progressed. Tiafoe and his twin sibling

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"It wasn't a thing expected to be this way," Frances Tiafoe said Monday night, hours after by a long shot his greatest triumph He is the most youthful American man to get this far at the US Open since

Andy Roddick in 2006, however this was not an instance of an uneven group backing one of its own. Nadal is comparably well known as it gets in tennis,2

and he heard a lot of help as the volume, raised after the retractable rooftop was closed in the fourth, set Nadal was 31-2 in majors against Americans entering Monday's match and had won 27 straight.

"It's something worth talking about to tell the children the grandchildren Definitely I beat Rafa Tiafoe said with a major grin.He served better compared to Nadal. All the more shockingly, he returned

What's more, he stayed calm and collected, stayed at the time, and never let the stakes or the adversary get to him. Nadal, 36, from Spain, had won both of their past matches and each set they played