December 31, 2021

Battlegrounds Mobile India Ios Login Failed’ Error: Gamers 2022

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Ios Login Failed’ Error Gamers 2022

Battlegrounds Mobile India Ios

Battlegrounds Mobile India Ios Login Failed’ Error: Krafton Investigating Issue Affecting Some Gamers 2022 My phone has no battery bar after a while, and when it comes back online the main view says to restart your device but my game is showing as “Game Offline”. After downloading another app (Google Play Game), this happens too! If you are running any of these apps from outside Indian territory then make sure that they don’t have issues with their own security/application version which may be out for some update(s) now or on release date later in 2017, like most APK’s here Battlegrounds Mobile India Ios.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Ios Login Failed’ Error: Krafton Investigating Issue Affecting Some Gamers 2022 0.0 4/1 15 ‘Nomad 3D’ Free Trial Available! Watch now below the video to see all this free on Niantic’s mobile app for Android and iOS apps – available exclusively from Google Play, Apple App Store & Amazon Fire TV today only in select markets including Bangalore. Battlegrounds Mobile India Ios.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Ios Login Failed Tutorial Video

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) players are unable to login to the popular battle royale game, with issues first reported late on Wednesday, December 31 Developer Krafton has acknowledged that some users are experiencing a “login failed” error and is working on resolving the issue. However, the issue could be affecting only a subset of BGMI users, and Krafton is yet to reveal the cause of the issue or confirm that it has resolved the login error Battlegrounds Mobile India Ios.

Krafton stated in a post on the game’s website that it had identified some login issues experienced by some players since 9:00pm IST on Wednesday. Users reportedly saw an error message that states “Server authentication error. Login failed.” Users have also commented on the latest post on the BGMI Facebook page with screenshots of the failure to login to the game. The issue appears to be affecting users at the time of publishing this article, based on the comments on the Facebook post Battlegrounds Mobile India Ios.

The issue does not appear to be affecting all users, however, as  was able to log in to the game and initiate a match with other users. Krafton’s post was later updated at 12:05am on Thursday to inform users that Krafton was still investigating the login issue. “We are continuously trying to find the cause of the issue, but taking a time. We will promptly get back to you with a notice once the cause has been found or fixed,” the publisher stated.

BGMI gamers weren’t the only ones affected by downtime, as popular battle royale game Fortnite  on Wednesday night. The game was unavailable starting at around 8:30pm IST, and gamers were unable to open the game due to unresponsive servers. Developer Epic Games finally Annouced that the game was back online at 5:20am today.







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